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Resource Section
This section is divided into for units: Record Unit, Conservation and Binding Unit and Library Unit

To make the Resource Section a section to collect, compile and preserve materials of historical values related to Brunei with systematic facilities and services.
To collect, compile, make lists and make copies of historical materials for records and references.
To provide assistance to researchers and the public.
To facilitate a systematic and fast usage for easier reference.
To gather materials on Brunei History from whatever source available.
To make recordings on video-tapes and taking pictures of all places and events of historical values and certain individuals.
To record on cassette - tapes of all events and functions of historic values taking place locally or outside Brunei and also all the events broadcast by radio and televise by television.
To collect, record and preserve historical materials such as old manuscripts, documents, newspaper clippings, microfilm, posters, rare-books, cassette-tapes, souvenirs, newspapers, magazines, journals, speech-texts, working papers, lectures and similar items whether in original forms or copies.
To make index numbers and titles for the already compiled and preserved items using sophisticated methods of documentation, to allow for easy access for research and reference.
Conservation and Binding Unit
To conserve books, journals, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts and documents and binding the materials for research and reference.
To restore old publications and ancient manuscript which need binding and keeping them in good and safe conditions.
Library Unit
To prepare books, journals, magazines, newspapers and the likes for the convenience of those wishing to do research.
To classify, catalogue, and make indexes according to subjects in systematic order.
To write bibliographies on subject matters and author of books, journals, magazines and the likes to facilitate research, reference and writing.