The Government of Brunei Darussalam
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Publication Section
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Publication Section
This section is divided into five units: Editorial Unit, Editor Unit, Proof Reader Unit, Production and Marketing Unit and Translation Unit.

To publish more reading and reference materials relating to local history with the aim that one day the Department could successfully publish the complete, accurate and authorize history of Brunei.
To rewrite the materials of historical research to be published for general knowledge.
To make known the findings of historical research of the department in order to have the views and opinions from the outside.
To act as the media for the authors from this department and outside to be jointly involved in the writings of local history.

To assist particular groups by giving them the history resources in order to support the government plan with regard to the duties of the department.

Editorial Unit
Revising the findings of research to be written into essays or manuscripts for publication.
Writing the articles or manuscripts connected to history for publication.
Improving and correcting the articles to be published so that the facts could be ascertained.
Conducting materials for the department's publications such as Pusaka, Jurnal Darussalam, Books, Pamphlets and as such.
Editor Unit
Responsible in editing and proof-reading the writings or manuscripts either the contents, sentences, grammar, facts and coordination so that they are correct and in good quality.
Correcting and improving the writings or manuscripts so that they are of high quality by using the correct methods and techniques commonly used by History Centre.
Responsible as the coordinator towards the style, technique and method of department publication by editing the articles and manuscripts in order to have uniformity of terminology, spellings, languages, special names and as such connected to the publication system acknowledged by international method.
To ascertain the quality of the department's publication and in accordance with Brunei customs and cultures.
Proof Reader Unit
To do correction and improve the contents of articles or manuscripts to be published so that they are of good value particularly regarding with the facts, terminology, spellings and techniques commonly used by History Centre.
To do proof-reading on the articles and manuscripts to be published so that all the facts, spellings, terminology and techniques of each article and manuscript are correct and accurate.
To ascertain each article and manuscript which has been typeset meets the need of the editor or producer.
Production and Marketing Unit
To organize the publication of books, journals, magazines, pamphlets and others besides the matters regarding the affairs of the department's publication.
Responsible in making orders for typesetting and deciding the fonts to be used, also the layout, paging, pictures and illustration and other technical aspects connected to publication.
To supervise the printing of books published by the department either to the Government Printer or private company.
To handle the selling and exhibition of books and complimentary copies of publications.
Translation Unit
Deals with the translation works required by the Department which includes correspondence, documents, manuscripts, articles and others for research, reference and historical writings.