The Government of Brunei Darussalam
Administration and Management Section
Research and Documentation Section
Publication Section
Services Section
Resource Section
Reprographer and Filming Section
Education and Development Section
Administration and Management Section
This section is divided into three units which are Administration Unit, Management and Security Unit and Financial Unit.
To carry out duties towards the effectiveness of administration and management connected to the departments principles and policy, planning, the affairs of staffs, progress and working ethics, financial and the needs for training and human resource.
To carry out duties in order to improve the management and administrative system to achieve the effectiveness and capability of such action to be done.
To reorganize and rearrange the duties and responsibilities of the officers and staffs at the Administration and Management Unit by giving the specific duties besides the general duties for easy reference of the matters to be handled.
To carry out duties in order to improve the systems, methods, rules and procedures of working to achieve the effectiveness of such duty to be done.
To improve the information system of the officers and staffs particularly the Record Service.
To revise the filing system in order to make easy reference for the correspondence and distribution of files to other sections.
Administration Unit
Managing and handling the office administration, correspondence and the affairs of officers and staffs.
Handling and responsible in controlling departments budget, training allotment, record service and other matters connected to the officers and staffs.
Management and Administration Unit
Handling and managing the departments affairs concerning security and matters of confidentiality.
Organizes meeting, service and management of department, training and course for officers and staffs.
Financial Unit
Handling and managing the budget, allotment and salary of the officers and staffs.
Responsible in handling matters concerning office equipments, payment of bills, vouchers and others.